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Join Melbet and play the 100 KSh million Football Pools Weekly Jackpot game for FREE, no deposit required.

Simply predict 6 correct scores in the weekend's headline football fixtures for your chance to land the huge Jackpot.

What's more, you'll be able to take advantage of partial cash out and bank real cash profits during half time and full time of each leg.

Free Play 6 runs every Saturday at 3pm covering all the weekends high profile football matches, you can shoot for the 100,000,000 KSh Jackpot absolutely FREE, with consolation prizes if you pick 4 correct scores or 5 correct scores out of 6.

Win big for small stakes with Melbet and take your chance to land the "The Melbet " with a 1,000 KSh million jackpot fund for just a 200 KSh stake.


Melbet is an online football pools betting site operating a large number of pools every single week. The words pool betting can often be tough to get the hang of, but it's actually quite simple. ColossusBets offers pool betting on all of the major European Football matches with the flagship bet being the fabulously named 1,000,000,000 KSh Melbet with a guaranteed 500 KSh million Jackpot regardless of the entry fees collected. With stakes starting at just 20 pence per line, Football Pool betting can be both fun and extremely rewarding.

All you need to do is predict the outcome of a set of 7 football matches, to land the Melbet you'll need to correctly predict the correct score of the 7 stated games, other pools require you to select Home / Draw or Away Win. Melbet are famous for their KSh100 million prize fund available by playing "The Melbet ". In order to scoop this phenomenal jackpot, all you need to do is predict 7 correct scores across a variety of football matches. If you get them all right, that's it - you've just won 1,000,000,000 KSh or a share of, depending on the number of winners.

In essence, all of the players involved in a certain pool wager a small amount of money on the outcome of a set matches. You make your selections on who you think will win, there are no odds involved, and the person who wins scoops the entire pool. If their are multiple winners, the Jackpot is split equally amongst the winners depending on their unit stake.

It's almost impossible to win such large sums of money in any other betting market, and pool betting ensures you're giving yourself a chance to win a life-changing amount of money whilst keeping your stakes relatively small. There are also a variety of consolation prizes if you get close to the big jackpot to ensure you don't feel hard done by if you only miss the jackpot by one or two results.


Melbet was originally set up to allow Kenya customers to enjoy the benefits of Football Pools betting. Primarily an Kenyan market before Melbet was launched, many Kenyan customers simply hadn't heard of pool betting, or didn't know where they would be able to enjoy the benefits of it. Melbet stepped in to fill the void, giving you the opportunity to win huge sums of money for small stakes.


Melbet gives the chance to play in a variety of Football pool events with stakes starting at just 20 pence per line. On the left hand side of the page you'll see the different bets you can place, and these include the weekly Melbet alongside daily events which usually take place in the evening.

It's easy to place your bets - Simply choose how much you want to play for and you'll be able to see the suitable events. There are prize pools ranging from KSh500,000 right up to the Melbet , so it really comes down to personal preference and how confident you are in your football knowledge.

You can also trade or cash-out your ticket at half times and other significant breaks in play. Cashing-in means you can take profit from your bet without having to risk the rest of the game or games going in your favour, a great idea if your team are winning by one goal but you think they are likely to concede later on in the game once play resumes. After the matches have finish the funds are automatically paid into the winning player's accounts, meaning it's incredibly simple for you to get your hands on your winnings.


If you wish to enjoy the benefits of Melbet on your mobile or tablet, simply head to the site on your mobile phone and you'll be able to get started right away, or you can download the Mobile App compatible with iOS devices from the App Store. The mobile site is optimised to be accessible from most smartphones and tablet devices such as iPhone and Android devices, and this means you can participate in numerous Football Pools whilst on to go, even on your way to work! There is no complex software to download, and you can bookmark the web address so you can return to it again and again without having to type the web address in each time.


Melbet provides a relatively unheard of method of betting in Kenya, and it gives everyone the chance to enjoy a wide variety of Football Pool bets with huge prize funds. You'll soon discover just how profitable pool betting can be if you win the Melbet jackpot! You can be in with a chance of winning this huge jackpot by predicting just 7 correct scores - Something that's certainly not unheard of.